According to the research, around 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. Similalry, approximately 75% of people will never scroll past the first page on a Google search. So, to find out about your services and products status, Search for your services and products on Google, and if you did not find them on the first page, you are not getting business as your expectation. is that right? Contact us today! 



What do we do?

We do SEOWe offer Search Engine Optimisation strategies for our clients and improve brands' ranking and website organic traffic in a competitive field full of ever-changing search engines such as Google's algorithms and guidelines.


Why is SEO important?

Basically, the search engine, for example, Google, does a regular update and changes to its widely used algorithm. However, many companies found a little bit of complication about its changes and impact on their website's ranking. So companies want to contact SEO agencies like us for better results. 


Is SEO worth it?

SEO by itself doesn't carry many benefits. And don't expect magic to happen overnight as well. SEO is a longtime goal. So don't be tired when you are not getting the instant result. When the result finally comes, you won't be spending money on paid ads then. Being able to convert that traffic to sales is the master skill. 


Many people search with a different name for SEO  services, but they do the same. Different names as below

 SEO agency near me - SEO consultant near me - SEO near me - SEO Optimization - SEO agency - SEO services and Related Services are: 

Website Consultation 

Keywords Research 

Technical SEO

SEO Audit  

Ranking Keywords

Ranking Keywords Check


If you are interested in an SEO job, please look at our SEO Services Page. Also, Similalry, please visit our Google page for a regular update of Himal Tech for SEO.